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What did you like most about the center?

The kindness and willingness to help me on a private and individual basis. I had no idea help like this existed! It was truly amazing and I will be back.

The low-key, unobtrusive, quiet compassion and concern. I was treated like an individual and not as a statistic of case number. My expectations have been exceeded.

How open I could be and not feel ashamed of past or present decisions.

Comfortable, caring, informative. Best place I have ever been!”

The staff is very caring and supportive. I was treated extremely well. [The] clinic is immaculate and service was prompt.

I like that the staff seems very professional and caring. I was given tons of information. I am happy I came.

The center made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this.

I felt safe and very welcomed.

This center is like a home that always has someone available to help me.

I love how you are not judged and you can talk to any of the staff. They are all great!

The caring nature of each and every person I came in contact with. I love your center and the respect you show your [clients].

Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. They seemed like they had a genuine concern about my pregnancy and I really appreciate that.

I loved how there was no judgment. I felt comfortable and it was very clean.

I was given help that I didn’t realize that I needed as well as what I asked for.